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Levje, the Druid

The ascended goddess at the heart of Arsavela, and its people's greatest patron.

Life sprung forth from the ichorous ash of Oblivion's wake, not from magical influence but of a wise and practiced hand. First of the druids, mender of scorched earth — wherever Levje walked, she welcomed life to follow.
  Levje, the Druid is the deity of growth and of the home. As one of the Champions of the Dawn, she is one of the several historical figures who ascended to godhood with the favor of Vosra, the New Dawn.

Heart of Arsavela

Levje is the patron goddess of the whole of the Kingdom of Arsavela, as it is her native land, but holds domain over growth, agriculture, and caretaking, all of which are valued heavily in Arsavela as a deeply agricultural nation.

Patron of the Providers

As a mortal woman, Levje was known to be a prolific farmer, bringing life to even the most dessicated and broken lands with naught but a keen mind and an aptitude for nurturing life. Life was a scarce resource in the Nameless Age, and her ability to defy the nature of Oblivion in this way saved her people, who became the first inhabitants of modern-day Arsavela.   This drew the attention of Kora, the Dawnbringer, who sought to recruit Levje in her quest to drive the darkness from the world, in a group later to be named the Champions of the Dawn. Levje was not the first to be asked, but was the first to accept Kora's invitation.

Flowers from the North

Stonegrass Lavender by Strixxline
Levje was the companion of Kora, the Dawnbringer, in the days of their mortal adventures. The truth of their relationship is left so speculation by the people of Malkora, but they are believed by many to have been lovers or wives prior to their ascension.   The belief that Kora brought Stonegrass Lavender to Arsavela as a gift to Levje has impacted the gift-giving culture of the region, and, as many in the region do believe the pair to have been romantically linked, the flower has become a sapphic symbol in Arsavela. Young women often gift each other the flowers while courting one another, or as a gauge of interest.

Persevering Symbol

Levje's influence in Arsavela is long-standing and deeply ingrained into the local culture, so much so that even the Alabaster Hand can scarcely shake her hold on the people of the region.   The Alabaster Hand has begun pushing for this usage of the flower to cease, calling it frivolous and wasteful, stating that it is intended to be a reagent for faithful use and prayer. As more beloved symbols from Arsavela's history are plucked from the hands of the people by the Alabaster Hand, the people grow more resentful, prompting rebellion against the state and talks of revolution.
First of the druids, who drew life from Oblivion's wake, ascended to godhood in Vosra's light.
Levje, the Druid by Strixxline via Midjourney
Divine Domains
Life, growth, hospitality

Relics of Amsa
Castle Amsa houses many ancient relics of the gods worshiped in Arsavela, including Levje's own Handscythe of the Druid — which is thought to be the very tool she used in her own harvests.   Despite the efforts of the Alabaster Hand to push the worship of Atreimus, the Purifier above all other gods, worship of Levje remains strong in Arsavela, and this relic of hers continues to rival the relics of Atreimus in popularity during Open Terrace.
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Author's Notes

Things I'd like to work on: Holy symbol for the goddess, imagery of stonegrass lavender, dual imagery for Levje and Kora together. LAVENDER OWLS YESSSSSSS (Thank you Mochi) - Symbol of the rebellion? Y'know, the one I haven't written yet

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Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
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