Refractive Magic

If an Oracle Prism is not impeccably maintained, the spells cast through it by an Oracle can have unexpected results. Aside from fizzling completely or rebounding on its caster, the spell can "bounce" inside the crystal, sending the magic in an alternate direction and possibly contorting its intent.   Refractive Magic results when an Oracle's magic focus is redirected in this way, and often leads to results which directly oppose the original spell. Some well-known cautionary tales are told to Oracle children who are just learning magic, either as allegory or tales of personal experience.  
  • A 'love potion' casting may invoke unrivaled hatred.
  • A spell to dampen sound may instead blast it to nearby neighborhoods, eliminating possibilities of stealth or intentions of hosting a loud party politely.
  • Attempts to punish trespassers can bounce back to the caster, or to a nearby Oracle.
  • Perhaps most dangerous of all, healing spells made through an imperfect Prism can lead to devastating consequences.


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