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God of Trade and Wealth

Mercantor's influence covers not just wealth in itself but also trade. And to some extent the cultural exchange that comes with that trade. Merchants, bankers, and travellers might all pray to him. As do most people wishing for some coin. He is not always the most appreciated deity, but he has plenty of followers seeking his fortunes, literally, nonetheless.  
Riches need Trade to become Wealth.

Divine Domains

Trade, Wealth

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Besides the golden hand which is his symbol, many merchants, moneylenders, and the like have a small golden scale near where they conduct business in order to gain Mercantors favour.

Tenets of Faith

  • Respect a contract.
  • The best trades make all parties happy.
  • Always help facilitate trade, even between others.
  • Never be ashamed of your wealth, never flaunt it when you don't have to.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mercantor was originally made from a block of gold by Shar, but the purity of the metal and the light of Selûne has made the god turn away from Shar's secret ways and instead he chooses to illuminate the possibilities of profits.   Before the Second Breaking, Mercantor used to travel the planes under the guise of a simple merchant. This gave him a lot of insight into how people think, something that has served him well since.

Intellectual Characteristics

In all matters, Marcantor is calm and practical. He is truly utilitarian and while he wants to spread happiness, he wants to do so as efficiently as possible. He might indulge in pleasantries and extravagant displays, but always for a reason.


Contacts & Relations

Mercantor is one of the few who are on good standing with both Shar and Selûne, and therefore most of the other major deities. This makes him ideal to facilitate deals between the gods as well as mortals.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Divine Merchant
The Golden God
God of Coin (disrespectful)

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