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Church of Mercantor

To Mercantor, trade is holy. It builds bridges between cultures and individuals, transports goods and ideas where they are needed, and rewards those who provide these services. For this reason, the Church of Mercantor is known across the world as a trade organisation as much as a religious one. The main difference is that they aren't trying to compete with other traders but rather cooperate with them. The church isn't in the business of losing money on deals, but they will go out of their way to make sure as many as possible are able to benefit from profits.


Leadership in the church is a large council that theoretically has a representative from every major temple to the god. In reality, only so many can afford to go to every meeting and thus only the largest and wealthiest temples vote on all but the greatest matters.

Public Agenda

Many trade agreements are signed in the church's temples and stored in their vaults. The organisation is generally seen as neutral in any conflict so long as trading isn't impeded intentionally without a very good cause. They have been known to sacrifice their own trade routes in favour of aiding other parties to find common ground.   With all of that said, the church isn't above using violence to protect themselves or merchants they are hired to protect. They will come down hard on piracy and robbery. And clearing such issues from an area means the chrurch will consider that route to be under their control.
Religious, Organised Religion
Controlled Territories
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