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Aramira Daviidh

Charming priestess at the Jolethai Temple of Coin. She is often in charge of greeing newcomers to the temple as she is the one who best makes worshippers feel welcome. And make those who aren't worshippers of the god feel more convinced that they should be.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Having grown up in Jolethai, Aramira started as a merchant before she was recruited by the temple. She always figured that contact with other people was the best part of trade and is thrilled that she gets to be helpful to those who seek spiritual guidance.

Intellectual Characteristics

While very mathematically talented, Aramira is much more fond of focusing on people and understanding where they come from. She is an excellent representative for the aspects of Mercantor that lean into negotiation.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Priest of Mercantor
Year of Birth
1339 SR 26 Years old
Aash Ha'soth
Current Residence
Chocolate brown
Black, curly, volumous
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark, nearly completely black.
170 cm
Aligned Organization


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