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Faeron Blacksoot Frizzlebow

Rock Gnome blacksmith in Jolethai. More than a little eccentric and wants to invent new things more than he wants to help people out. He runs Frizzlebrow's Fantastic Fings which is the most likely location for adventurers to get non-magical weapons and other such gear in the city. And with Frizzlebrow's ingenuity, some things might be more useful than more common magic items.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

His smithy exploded once, in 1333, and people still tease him about it. It might be that he has started experimenting with explosives again but, if so, is a lot more careful with it now.

Intellectual Characteristics

Fizzlbow is very clever, but his enthusiasm often distracts him before he actually gets anywhere.
Year of Birth
1280 SR 85 Years old
Current Residence
Pale brown
105 cm
Known Languages
Sha'ree and Gnomish with a very strong Sha'ree accent.


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