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Daasidvar Milderart

Daasidvar is getting old, even for a gnome, and he has run the Sinkhole for most of his life. It is his great love and what he dedicates almost all of his waking hours to. His wife, Surbim, isn't quite happy being such a distant second in his life. With time, she has had to get used to it and find other ways to take care of herself.   The rest of the Milderart family look up to and has great reverence for Daasidvar, but they might not always like him. He runs the Sinkhole with an iron fist and demands everyone obeys him in every way. Not that what he demands is bad - quite the opposite. He's brilliant at what he does. But the rest of the family struggle to get any free time or ability to pursue other possibilities. Some hope that he will mellow as he gets older, but so far he has shown no signs of it.
Year of Birth
1150 SR 215 Years old
Current Residence
Golden brown
Short, white. Balding.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark and leathery
85 cm
Ruled Locations


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