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World Ember 2023

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World Ember 2023 Participation

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WE Prep Article and Story Plans

During the WE event, I'll be fleshing out details for book 3, Legend. New characters, locations, organizations, and magic. (I may also write up articles for the RPG campaign I'm in, but they won't be listed here.)   As of Nov 25, 2023, Legend is being drafted, but it's detail light. There will be many areas to fill in with scrumptious info! List of potential articles is in the right side bar and will be updated as needed throughout the event and drafting of Legend.   My WE progress page.


Completed Articles



Potential Articles

* = exists, needs detail added  


Chikawa Eizou
Dr. Aya Ginji*
Shion* (human form)
Itani Ume*(stub)
Jo Dougu
Jo Orinosuke
Yamaaki Fumi
General Sagara
Revd. Aoki


Brotherhood for Peace


Soujou's palace


New spells as needed
New species as needed
Legend - New book page

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