Oni Tech

Magic in this world is powered by ki (life energy) that a magic caster has in their ki pool.   Oni Tech involves binding an oni (demon), through the gory ritual sacrifice of a mythical creature, to an object the user wears or carries. The more powerful creature you sacrifice, the more powerful oni you can bind.  
When using magic the user can choose to let the oni take the ki drain for the spell. This often means a caster will have a larger ki pool than any other being around them, with the exception of the gods themselves.
Keeping the bound demon under control requires much will power, as the demon will resist and try to overpower its master.
  It is often only used by those with smaller ki pools. As with anything do to with magic, shortcuts are almost always deadly. The ancient texts and any teacher worth their salt will advise against using such dark magic.  


Wear or carry the item while spell casting, and pull from the demon's ki when the orange flame appears in your mind.


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Date Sari
Date Sari made a deal with a powerful demon. Things never go quite as planned with such deals.

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