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Exalted Throne of the Akumakai

Ishida Chihiro, the previous oyabunof the Akumakai, presumptuously commissioned a replica of the chair in the Takamikura for the Emperor's enthronement and placed it in the audience room of the Akumakai.



By creating it, Ishida Chihiro placed himself on the same level as the Emperor of Japan. Ishida did it to thumb his nose at the government for cracking down on the yakuza, not to disrespect the Emperor per say. He only sat in the ‘throne’ for a publicity stunt. His followers called the throne replica an abomination to the crown. Then he ordered that the chair be put into permanent storage.


Ishida, when his leiutenants confronted him, said he did not remember having the 'throne' made.   After overthrowing Ishida, the current oyabun had the chair pulled from storage and placed in the audience hall. He or she gave it the title 'Exalted Throne of the Akumakai'. Rumors suggest he or she had modifications made and actively uses it, to the consternation of Sumichou residents. Sumichou may be a corrupt place, but residents still revere the Emperor.   Additionally, Sumichou app users find occasional snippets from the one known as Baku on the chat function. Baku states the oyabun has extraordinary powers when sitting on this 'throne'. The Sumichou app monitors quickly delete the comments.  

Materials and Components

The 'throne' is black lacquered sandalwood accented with gold. Red silk embroidered with gold adorns the cushion.



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Creation Date
2009 (when the crackdown on the yakuza began)
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