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WorldEmber 2023

Week 1: Focus Area

The focus of this year's World Ember for me is to do some stub article cleanup. This is something I commonly do for World Ember. This year, I want to add new articles around my Nanowrimo work. Of course when you finish writing 10 stubs, there will be 30 new ones to contend with. The joys of y=3x growth. It's not exponential, but linear. Learn your math people! Mostly kidding. I'm going to shoot for at least 25,000 words if my fingers haven't fallen off from Nanowrimo. They are already threatening to.  


Week 2: Mini-meta

That's right folks, we are here to discuss, the mini-meta. Considering the fact that I'm currently pounding out about 2,000 words a day for Nanowrimo, a bunch of possible new stubs need to be created to support my writing. At least a dozen new characters have been created, all deserving their own stub.   Next, we have a lot of existing stubs. Some of these really need to be fleshed out. Much of the work will be around items, characters and places. Some for the game, some for the books, and some for history or posterity. Most of all, some will be written about because I'm tired of seeing them in my stub list.   But 25,000 words is a lot. So, I'm going to end up hitchhiking and following the path of new stub creation wherever inspiration hits me.   Also, my category tree is already in the state I want it, at least for the time being. This was done long ago and I like it.  


Inspiration this year is coming from the need to catch up and update based on Nanowrimo and getting rid of nasty gremlins that keep popping up in the form of stubs. I don't need much real external inspiration at the moment as the creative juices are already flowing.  

Week 3: Review Homepage

I reviewed my homepage, and while I probably need to update some links, it was written with readers in mind, to get them excited to read my other pages.  

Week 4: Last Minute to Do's

For the time prior to World Ember, I've been going through and coming up with new stub ideas. Also, I'm trying to figure out which stubs to pursue.   Considering everything that happeded with NaNoWriMo, and having "finished" it with the goal 50k, a bunch of new articles and maybe some total reworks of previous ideas might have to happen. There are a ton of new ideas to write about.   Finally, my keyboards are ready, locked and loaded. In addition, food is ready, and I even have some time to do some work.   Good luck, Anvilites!   --GeneralKael, High Lord Slacker Extraordinaire

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18 Nov, 2023 21:22

I hope NaNoWrIMo is going well for you! Have a great WorldEmber. :)

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