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Duriss Evenlock

Duriss Evenlock is the doorman and bouncer at Golden Cloak. He is a broad shoulder hulking human of six feet and two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle in his early thirties. His long black hair is often tied back. While on duty, Duriss wears a thick leather tunic dyed black, and black breeches with calf high heavy black leather boots. Normally he carries a short sword and small cudgel on his belt, but rarely resorts to using them. However if push comes to shove, he is more than capable of wielding either or both of them at once.
  Prior to becoming the doorman at Golden Cloak a few years ago, Duriss had a promising career as an adventurer, and secretly worked as a Relic Chaser. To this day, he still works as a spy for the Reliquaria gathering information, and sometime procuring artifacts that pass through the Golden Cloak.
  Before adventuring, Duriss trained as a wizard at Grayton's Tower. He showed some promise, but once he started adventuring found stealth, hiding, lockpicking and other rogue like tasks to be all to helpful. He learned much of this way of life from one of his fellow companions and Relic Chaser Saer Mars. To this day, Duriss still studies magic and practices his rogue skills, but now prefers man handling drunks and throwing them into the street.
  In the few cases where pushing someone out of the door does not work, Duriss has been known to use magic to stop fights, usually by putting everyone involved to sleep. This makes hit much easier to deal with than a bunch of drunken loud mouths as he would say.
  Duriss is usually quiet and stoic, yet is charismatic and quite capable of holding a conversation with just about anyone. He acquired a fair bit of money adventuring and works in the Golden Cloak to continue his duties with the Relic Chasers. His past travels have caused strains in his legs that prevent him from walking long distances anymore, but the constant standing in the inn prevents them from tightening up and keeps them loose.

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