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The Reliquaria is a group dedicated to the study of artifacts and relics. They are the primary coordinating organization among the members of the Artifact Agreement. In addition they provide logistics, manpower, and strategy in the "war" against the Order of Eight.   Their spy organization is vast and stretches throughout the known world, with agents in every major city and town, as well as travelling specialists.   Many of their specialists and spies have access to at least minor magic items found or made within the world, be it a simple magic dagger, potions, or scrying devices.   The Reliquaria study the artifacts found by the adventuresome Relic Chasers. The Reliquaria is mostly interested in items with magical, psychic, and supernatural powers. They also commission Relic Chasers to find specific items, leading them to the general vicinity where the items are believed to exist. Some members of the Relic Chasers prefer to explore, and as such search out locations for further study.

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