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Relic Chasers

Relic Chasers are a loose organization of people who work in small teams or parties to collect artifacts and explore for new ruins to plunder for the Reliquaria.   There are two forms of Relic Chasers. The first a basically mercenaries with contacts to someone among the Reliquaria or the actual Relic Chasers organization. They go out on there own looking for stuff or are pointed to a location by another actual Relic Chaser. They do the work for money, and for the most part are not aware of the existance of a formal organization of Relic Chasers or Archivists or the Reliquaria.   The second and more prominant Relic Chasers are members of the Relic Chasers organization and are part of the Artifact Agreement. They work with the Reliquaria and other real Relic Hunters to explore and gather, and at times work as messengers to cities, or to gather supplies.

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