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The Awakening

Condition of the Half-Elves

A race that stands as a blend of its parents eventually becomes less of a mix and more of a singularity as time passes. The aging of half-elves has odd effects on the body, often changing and morphing them to be more like one parent than the other. Half-elves have no choice in the matter, it is simply a fact that they will one day either be more human or elven than the mix they once were.   The Awakening is an odd sort of malady that only effects half-elves. Over time, a half-elf will grow to change and be more like an elf or a human. While this is a loss of their blended state and abilities, the Awakening has its own perks that bring half-elves to be more intrigued by the change instead of upset.   Humans and elves each have their own special racial traits that allow them to do fantastical things in the world of Isekai. Half-elves have their own trait as well, but the Awakening brings new power to the half-elves in their change. Those half-elves that complete the Awakening find that they have new abilities that match their full-blood counterparts. Half-elves that change to be more human may gain the ability to wield firearms like only the humans can. Those that change to be more elven may find that they can be great enchanters of weapons.   This change effects all half-elves differently, but only dying in youth will stop the change from happening. The Awakening may begin when a half-elf reaches 100 years of age, but it may take years for the change to fully occur and the half-elf to find their new power.

Transmission & Vectors

The Awakening is a genetic condition that only half-elves have. It is the mixing of two races that causes this to occur. So far, this condition has not been seen in other half races.


The Awakening begins as a half-elf reaches beyond the normal lifespan for humans. Due to having elven blood, half-elves live much longer than humans. It is said that most half-elves begin the Awakening at age 100.


The condition manifests in a variety of ways depending on which race the half-elf leans toward genetically. Changes such as hair color, height, changes in ear shape, and even changes in darkvision and other traits are possible during the Awakening.


There is no treatment for this condition. Most half-elves are often pleased with the changes, as they do keep many of their half-elf traits. Only in rare cases do half-elves lose traits when becoming more human.


There are not set stages of the condition as each half-elf progresses differently through the Awakening. For some, the change may be drastic and occur in as short of time as twenty years, while for others it may take decades.


This condition has been recorded in history as long as there have been half-elves. Early on, it was an impossibility and something that could not be explained, but research into the condition by elves has given greater insight and predictability to the condition.

Cultural Reception

Half-elves often seen the Awakening as a second coming of age. It marks a new stage in their lives and is often celebrated, instead of shunned.
A Half-Elf that has begun to look more like their human half.
Chronic, Congenital

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