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Saltford (Salt-fjord)

Saltford also often called Palace of Salt is a large coastal Town along the eastern shores of the second peninsula of southern Inquest.


Saltford was originally established as a Place to take on Water for Skiffs that traveled down from the Earbour Province as it was the only decently protected harbor before having to round the tip of the peninsula.

Many must've seen the naturally forming basins of seawater that dried up and were coated in the best Salt, but perhaps the Thirst for drinkable Water made them Blind to what Treasures lay before them.

A Orces by the name of Sven was the first to understand the Situation correctly and organized an Expedition to properly settle the Location. After only a year, Saltford was properly established as Drusseodias prime Salt-Producer.

After sixteen years and the Death of Sven, the Cities Council approved to build the wide tunnel that leads strictly west and returns to the surface 40 kilometers, roughly at the height of Kilhelow. Despite a ten-year build time, it has proven to be worth every penny as this construction enabled the City to expand its deliveries to all of Inquest.


Like many Drusseodian Towns it is ruled by a City Council built from local Artistocracy and well-regarded (and wealthy) Members of the Public.

Industry & Trade

Most of Inquests Salt comes from this single Town that through its perfect geographical location can produce quantities of qualitative table salt far beyond any competition.


The Town lies between two large Cliffs that would make for a good Fjord and is protected by hills and mountains in the west. A wide Tunnel has been dug beneath the most trecerous of them towards the west for easier trading.

Of note are also the large basins with simple wooden water-locks that are used to free the Salt from the water of the Islandsea.


Most of the town are low-cut squat half-timbered buildings that face away from the sea to evade the large amounts of fine salt the wind carries with it. The Roads are small and labyrinthine to break the gales before they can find their ways inside the homes of the inhabitants.


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