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Chamber of Gromman

The Chamber of Gromman is a locally popular myth surrounding a collapsed cave behind the Hammer of Gromman, north of Brossal, said to contain the remains of Gromman, the Last of the Gods

Since Knowledge about Gromman wasn't erased by the Last Day of the Great Order, Gromman either wasn't a real God or is a fairly recent creation.


Gromman, when he was still known as Gromman the Weak, liked to sit sulking in a gorge north of where now Brossal stands.

He hated being the youngest, and of the least power, having almost no followers within the Humans of Inquest.

In fact, he was so weak, that he didn't even have a form or shape, nor any accouterments of power, which made him furious. All he was, was a black shadow, with two even darker holes for eyes that were as deep as eternity.

One day, as he was meandering along his cool stream, he tripped, and landing on his hands, he looked into his reflection in the still water for the first time.

There he saw that which would bring him his salvation. He wasn't just any nothing, he was Nothing itself, everyone came from him and everyone was returning to him.

Thus emboldened, he decided to challenge his Siblings, the older Gods, and he would start with the greatest of his Brothers, the Goddess from which they all were born. But, he needed a weapon first, to sooth his hurt ego, and only the finest of all weapons, the one from the Goddess would do.

Hiding in the shadows of the chambers of the gods on Peak Pluselvee, he waited for the Goddess to leave her favorite weapon, a post maul the size of a house, unattended.

As soon as her grip left the weapon, Gromman darted towards it and snatched it from her side, but he was not fast enough.

He wanted to leave and prepare for his attack, but the goddess managed to get a hold of the handle between two fingers and held on like a vise made from the strongest Steele.

Desperate, Gromman tugged and tugged and tugged, but nothing he could do would loosen the Goddess's Grip until in a moment of frantic action, he snapped the handle in two halves.

Triumphant, he wanted to hold the head of the weapon over his head but instead lost his footing and fell from the ledge of the cave down the Afrantosti.

Tumbling down the mountain, he managed to steer his fall into his gorge, but just as he felt safe and secure, the hammer fell down from the sky and hit him in a way that forced his form in the side of the mountain, forming a dark and winding cave.

Enraged about her favorite weapon having been broken and lost, the Goddess ran up and down the Afrantosti searching for it, but could not find it, due to her head being far up beyond the dust clouds that rose from where Gromman and the Hammer Head fell.

Unbeknownst to her, with each step, she trampled loose a layer of rock that fell onto Gromman, burying him, until finally, he was completely crushed beneath the collapsed cave.

Historical Basis

While the Cave and something vaguely shaped like a Hammer Head exist in the described location, it is most likely a completely fictitious origin myth. Especially the roles of old Gods that somehow have survived the removal of all god's knowledge about them on the Last Day of the Great Order is an indication that it is a later re-invention or adaptation of a similar story.


It's mostly known to inhabitants of the near surroundings of the Hammer of Gromman Region, to tell tourists and visitors. Outside of this well defined area, only scholars of local myths will have heard about it or even its content.

Variations & Mutation

Gromman is referred to as the Saint of Orces in some variants of the Story, getting cast into the Stone by a mighty hammer because he dared to suggest that between the Bison and the Wolfes of the Steppes, the Bison is the most noble one, as it is seldom seen hasteful and even when attacked does neither roars nor grunts.

This variant would explain why the Name still exists, as it makes Gromman a perhaps powerful but ultimately mortal being, but leaves unexplained whose hammer it was, which might be explained through a mention of a god being erased on the Last Day of the Great Order.

In Literature

A better known story from a children's book series called "An Angry Goddess does" uses parts of the myth to explain why the Afrantosti appears to be flat when viewed from the coast.

In the book, the image of an angry goddess running up and down the mountain range, compacting it and making it level in the process is used to explain the interesting view without having to explain the complicated geological processes and Magic influences that created them, making at least a part of the original myth widely known and loved by children beneath the age of seven.


Dark Stones

Adventurous Geologists had found a vein of dark gemstones (also referred to in the Novelization of the Event as "Grommans Eyes" and "Gromman Stones") in the year 1894 only 15 meters beneath the surface inside the mountain cut.

An illegal mining operation was created to exploit it and had worked almost a year before local law enforcement was alerted to their presence, at which point extensive damage had been done to the surrounding nature and natural beauty.

The Criminals were not easy to apprehend and well armed. After an extended battle, they detonated their stores of mining explosives, killing themselves and three constables of the police.

At least, that is what the official police report states. Different, contemporary sources, tell from an accidental discharged Scrollthrower that hit a prepared fuse after a peaceful negotiation.

Further geological investigations had proven that beside a handful of precious stones found at the beginning, the earth had been bare, making the unofficial story far easier to believe.


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