Items And Wealth

Along the way of your adventure, you will come across some valuable things that will help you survive and improve your tank. Some things will benefit you directly, while others you may be able to sell for profit.



There are neutral merchants and shops scattered all across the lands. Visit them to buy and sell items and equipment.   They usually accept payment with currency, fuel, or in kind.
  Your tank’s wealth is noted on the second page of its character sheet. There is a special field for Fuel and Currency, and a Miscellaneous field for everything else that you’re carrying around with you.   Every item has a weight, but the Handbook generally doesn’t state any prices because those are highly dependent on the individual merchants’ demands. It’s up to your MM to decide how valuable any item is in any given situation. See Items for an example list of various items that can be acquired and found.  


When leaving the assembly line, a tank is usually received by Matchmakers and given some standard traveller’s gear before it is kicked out. The following table shows a list of starting items that your tank begins its adventure with. Higher-level starting characters may have additional items if your MM allows it.

Starting Items

Tow Rope (x2)300kg eachSteel cables with shackles that can be attached to tanks and objects to pull them around. 5 metres in length each.
Fuel Can (x12)300kg (full)Containers that hold 1 unit of fuel each. They are full when the adventure starts, unless the player or MM decides otherwise. A full can weighs 25kg, whereas an empty one weighs 5kg. The cans can hold any liquid.
Tent40kgA tent suitable for the size of the vehicle it was issued to.
Repair Kit30kgThe most necessary tools for repairing itself and others. A tank without a Repair Kit has one fewer d10 for all repair checks it attempts.
Standard Radio100kgA basic radio to send and receive transmissions. Range of 900 metres.
100 Tokens-Currency used to buy items.
Spare Parts (x3)300kgAn assortment of replacement parts suitable for the tank’s model. A tank may choose to use Spare Parts to automatically pass a repair check. They are consumed in the process.
  The weight of these items does not count against your load limit! The Load Limit section explains how your ability scores determine how much weight you can carry with you.


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