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HUMMEL QUEST is a d10 based tabletop RPG system. It is set in a world of sentient war machines, where players take control of a tank character, form adventuring groups, and explore the post-apocalyptic Earth.   This system was designed from the basis of the Engine Heart system. I’ve made several changes and adjustments to adapt it to fit my world/setting of sentient war machines.   To learn about the world this system is set in, visit the Hummelverse codex.  
In a nutshell, the Hummelverse is a world like ours, but set in the near future after humanity destroyed itself in a nuclear war. Their autonomous AI war machines fought on, until they destroyed their own civilization in a second nuclear war. 80 years later, small groups roam the no-man’s-land in a constant struggle for bare survival, while clans fight over territory and resources.
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The Engine Heart system, on which this system is based, is licensed under the Creative Commons (Attribution & Non-Commercial). If you are interested in the “original”, you can check it out on Viral Games’ website:   The HUMMEL QUEST system and its Handbook are licensed under the Creative Commons (Attribution & Non-Commercial & No-Derivatives). See this website for information about what it means. Basically, you are allowed to upload and share it, but you must credit me by linking to my blog ( and putting my name (artyrambles) in a visible place. You also can’t make any money off it in any form – you can’t sell prints or digital copies or charge players to play the game. You also can’t use parts of this codex or the Handbook’s text or images to make your own system. Well, actually you can, but you are not allowed to upload it anywhere online without asking me for permission first.   All images used on this codex and in the Handbook were drawn by me and are copyrighted under Austrian copyright law – you can save them to your computer if you want, but you are not allowed to share them or post them online, and MOST DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED TO PRINT THEM ON SHIRTS AND SELL THEM.   To rephrase: You can share the articles and the Handbook with the images inside it, but you can’t share the images on their own.

Current Version: 1.3

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