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Creative Summer Traditions: A Spectacle to Behold!

This year I had the honour of judging a prompt for summer camp! I love writing and reading traditions, because it allows me to explore a world through the lens of the people living there. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I heard the prompt itself and of course, I answered it too!  
Somewhere in your world describe a popular summer tradition that involves art and creativity.
— Janet & Dimi
  All 266 people participating for this prompt certainly haven't made it easy for me to pick a winner. So many amazing articles and creative answers, it was an absolute joy for me to read. As for my judging, I had a just two premises that I'd like to see in an article. First, the concept; I love to read unique traditions, but I suppose that goes without saying. However, I also like current-day traditions with an interesting twist that makes it your own. Second, the formatting; I still need to read the article, y'know. * wink wink * Reading a wall of text makes it too hard and I'll skip over things more easily. Just a couple paragraphs, headers and an image is enough for me to enjoy the article. CSS wizardry isn't needed, but it certainly adds a flair.
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 8, 2023

The trembling of hammers can be felt throughout the city. Welcome to Trembiloga, where our students become apprentices.

The Amazing List of Awesome Traditions

Ultimately I ended up with 18 articles in my longlist, which I managed to narrow down to 10 in my shortlist with great difficulty. That said, I couldn't pick one winner for the life of me. It was impossible. So, I have two. ^^ Either way, enjoy these amazing articles, they all deserve some extra love and attention! This is the long list in no particular order.  

Who do you think will win?



A Bonus Achievement

Hello! I see you've made it this far, thanks! I don't want to brag at the top of my article, so I'm taking this little space down here for a little pat on my back. This year, I made a little tool to help me with my summer camp judging. Keeping track of all the articles I've read, which one I've commented on, things like that.   Well, that little toolie of mine got distributed to all summer camp judges. I ran it for each prompt! Some have used it, some probably don't, and there are plenty of whom I don't know if they've used the CSV that was sent to them through the WorldAnvil Team. Still, I'm proud that I was able to contribute a little to help others in their judging. And by the looks of it, I get to expand this little toolie a little further so it can be used for more WA challenges! Yay!   This was my little moment to brag, thank you for reading and enjoy your day! <3

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Aug 19, 2023 13:00 by Chris L

Thanks for the inclusion and congratulations on finishing judging! I know what a haul it can be!

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Sep 7, 2023 09:44

Hoooo boy.. the judging was fun to do, but man it's a lot of work. xD   Will I do it again? Probably ^^

Aug 26, 2023 20:01 by E. Christopher Clark

I'm just seeing now that I made your long list. Thank you so much for considering my article, and for that amazing tool you created to help with the judging.

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Sep 7, 2023 09:45

You're welcome! Your article was such a delight to read and I still remember giggling at the halfling conceiving comment xD

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