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Langdon Locke

If you enter the Iron Gorge, you'd better watch out; or you'll be Locke'd
— A commoner
  Langdon Locke is a name that is admired by many but feared by most, especially for those who dare to travel through the valley known as the Iron Gorge. The towns and villages which decorate this valley have citizens who have either heard of a robbery or have witnessed or have become victims.  


Much of his history is a mystery, but there have been a few stories told by those who claimed to have been captured by Mr Locke or have worked for him but have been arrested. They all recollect the same thing, that where he was from is unknown; even his accent is one they have not heard of before.  


It all began in the summer of 975, when a Lorlundian merchant was travelling from Feneya after picking up a cart load of Feneyan clothing and fabrics. When they arrived to the town of Elderpoint they had reported all of their wares were stolen. Since then more news and reports of merchants being robbed in the Iron Gorge were made.  

The Grayvault Bank Heist

In 980, the town of Bayfall was shaken when the back of the Grayvault Bank exploded. Witnesses and rumours tell tales of four bandits rushing out of the hole in the wall, to fill a cart that was waiting for them. Once the cart was full, a fancier looking bandit exited the bank. Wiping the blood off of his rapier, as he hopped onto the cart. Then rode away. Guards gave chase but were only able to catch one of the bank robbers. Unfortunately, it was not Langdon Locke.  
Marcus was my hero. If he hadn't jumped between myself and the robber, it would've been my chest that the rapier would've gone through. Langdon Locke; such a cruel cold-hearted man.
— A witness of the heist.
  Two people were found dead in the bank. One was a citizen of the town known as Marcus. witnesses say he was just a customer, who was depositing his family's heirloom for safekeeping. This was when Locke and his gang rushed into the bank. Marcus flung himself between Locke and an Elfkind lady when Locke's blade ran through the poor Lorlundian.   Another victim is the Bank's manager. According to the captured robber, there was some history between the banker and Locke. Apparently, the banker had accepted a loan deal with one of Locke's second cousin in law. This loan deal was extortionate which brought his whole family into debt, so Locke threw the gorge (took revenge) on the banker.  

On the Run

Until this day, Langdon Locke still roams and terrorises those who dare to travel through the Iron Gorge. Neither of the nobility of the Lorlundian Empire or the realm of Feneya will take responsibility as they expect the other to solve it. Though there are rumours that perhaps buying his freedom to one of these realms if not, both.

Lorlundian Empire

Since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time, the empire once ruled the world. However, after many wars, the world is now divided into 6 realms with the Lorlundian Empire as one of them. The Empire is still a great power, especially in its trade.


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