The Silver Templars

Lighting the way in unity

Unconquered Paladins are soldiers who dedicate themselves to defending the ideals of freedom and prosperity and fighting those who would use strength and violence to subdue and rule the weak. Commonly called Bulwark knights, mountain Knights, and The Unbroken, these soldiers stride into battle with defensive magics alight, making them mobile fortresses that can withstand the wrath of kings, emperors, and gods.



4Staff Sergeant
5Sergeant 1st class
6Sergeant Major
8Knight of Grace
9Knight of Justice
10Knight Lieutenant
11Knight Commander
13National Prior
14Holy Guardian

Public Agenda

To protect and serve the people of Deghwahr. To offer guidance and ever lasting protection in the face of tyranny with righteous fervor.


Fort near Keenwood gifted by the King of Deghwahr.

Tenets of Faith

Defend the Weak.

When walls and shields are not enough, you must be there to be the bulwark against destruction.

Vanquish Tyranny.

Tyrants cause misery in their ambitions. Deny them their dreams whether they be of the heavens or the hells.

Kindle Courage.

When there is doubt, you must be an anchor for the courage and will of those around you.

Challenge the strong.

You are unbreakable! Show no fear, and take little caution. The monarch is your nemesis, and you are their's.

Lighting the way in unity

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Dawnguard, Bulwark Knights, The Unbroken, Mountain Knights
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Silver Knights
Leader Title
Official State Religion
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members


Many people living in the Deghwahr kingdom have come to favor the Dawnguards presence and how they carry themselves. Merchants will even call upon the Dawnguards if they don't feel safe in their travels.

On the verge of war

Declared Enemies

Declared enemies

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