Noble Council

The Noble Council is an ancient organization comprised of 12 mythical Noble Dragon Elders and their aides. They serve to defend the secrecy of their species, to facilitate the rites of passage required to take on draconic form, and to pass judgement on those whose actions threaten to make their existence known to the inhabitants of Fillimet.


It is said that the Noble Council is comprised of 12 Noble Dragons who have undergone the Rite of Passage. Each member serves on the council for life, with the assistance of a handpicked personal assistant who will take their place in the event of their death. If the councilor's selected successor is unable to take their place the rest of the Council will come to a consensus regarding which of the councilor's other aides will fill that spot.

Public Agenda

The tales say the members of the Noble Council are the gatekeepers on the transformation into draconic form, keeping the secret of the Coming of Age Ceremony and welcoming those who complete the challenges to the next chapter of their lives.   The Noble Council is also responsible for maintaining the myth about the Noble Dragon, hiding their true nature and enforcing the rules against those who would threaten this secret. They pass judgement on those who carelessly reveal their dual nature, limiting the individual to either their draconic or bipedal form dependant upon the Council's whims. Some legends claim the Feral Dragons were originally Noble Dragons, fallen from grace, although the Feral Dragons will deny this claim as attempts to slander their magnificence.


According to the myths, in ancient times the Noble Dragons walked freely among the other races, sharing their wisdom and true natures with the non-draconic races. Over time resentment grew within the younger races, jealous of the Noble Dragons' power and beauty. To protect themselves the Noble Dragons began to hide their true natures, appointing a Council to enforce the secrecy of their existence for the good of all.

Foreign Relations

The Council is the fabled leadership of the mythical Noble Dragons and, as such, remains unknown to the population of Fillimet and even most noble dragons who have not yet undergone the Noble Dragon Coming of Age Ceremony to unlock their draconic form. Or so the stories say.
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