Narratives of Fillimet

When I originally began writing the world of Fillimet, my main goal was to use this setting as a location for an assortment of fantasy stories. While that goal has since expanded, my intentions to write prose have remained intact. This page will serve as a collection of my manuscript projects. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

Facets of Fillimet

Facets of Fillimet is an ongoing project containing all the short stories included within articles spread across Filliment. More volumes will be added as required. Periodically I will also include patron-only stories originally intended for inclusion on an article page, but later removed due to length or other factors.   Many thanks to Hephaestus for assistance with the title pages.  

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 1

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 2: Vazdimet


Subscriber-Only Stories

What Goes Around

  What Goes Around is an expanding collection of short stories exploring the impact of magic upon dysfunctional families. More stories will be added as they are written.

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