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A Keeper is a Follower of the Hidden Flame self-tasked to maintain records, keep financials, and/or any other administrative tasks required to assist in supporting the Embers in their area. Keepers are typically only found in communes built around a particular service or set of services, such as education or healing. Each commune may have one or several Keepers, dependent upon the scale of the commune's efforts in the area as well as each Keeper's particular skill set.


A Keeper has a knack for record keeping, accounting, or other secretarial abilities and has appointed themselves to keep the needed records for their commune's efforts.




A Keeper is duty-bound to maintain records of decisions and/or finances for their commune to allow those they are assisting to continue their important works.


A Keeper maintains the records for their commune. They also flag potential issues regarding needed decisions and/or financial difficulties, ensuring the group is aware when there is a potential issue so those with the appropriate talents can determine what is needed.
Self proclaimed
Equates to
Accountant, Secretary, Treasurer, Record Keeper
Source of Authority
Related Organizations

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