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Arbitrium. The liquid silver of our era. This simple substance single handedly powers the magic-hungry requirements of the world. With all the "arbitrium-enhanced" products currently available, it's hard to believe that each day brings yet another form in which to buy and consume this prized excrement.
— excerpt, The Magical World of Alchemical Yeast

History & Usage

Everyday use

Arbitrium is a protoxin of Imperium, the metabolite required to cast magic. While excess levels of Imperium can result in physical damage or even Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation, arbitrium is stable and non-toxic. Magic casters who regularly consume arbitrium train their bodies to metabolize arbitrium into Imperium when needed, providing a faster replenishment than the standard methods of rest or meditation.

Manufacturing & Products

Alchemical yeast is the most common source of arbitrium. The yeast releases arbitrium as part of its metabolic process, alongside the alcohol and yeast biproducts common to most yeasts. As a result entire businesses are dedicated to the production of yeast products utilizing alchemical yeast in lieu of the more common baking and brewing yeasts, to harness the popularity and usefulness of arbitrium to heavy magic casters.   Breads, cakes, and other dough-based desserts and meals are sold for everyday consumption to allow mages to retain their body's familiarity with the metabolization of arbitrium into Imperium. Beers, wines, whiskeys, liquors, and assorted other alcoholic beverages are widely available for consumption, in addition to various attempts at low alcohol or non alcoholic variations. Energy drinks claiming to reinvigorate the body in addition to the consumer's magical reserves are a current fad gaining popularity across most major cities, and alchemical concoctions are co. Mon inventories among Chemists, Alchemists, and many of the more enterprising merchants. Health stores have even begin to sell arbitrium in powdered form to sprinkle on or in food of the consumer's choice, although recent studies suggest arbitrium consumed in this manner to be less effective than that obtained through more conventional means.
faint, nutty flavor
dulled translucent silver-gray
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