Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation

Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation, or HIO, is a mental disorder caused by repeat exposure to raw Imperium. This is most commonly as a result to repeated ingestion of the highly addictive Imperial Night Rose. Sufferers typically act erratically due to visions only they can see. There is no known cure, although complete abstinence from any and all sources or effects of magic can lessen the effects and allow early stage victims of HIO to lead at least partially normal lives.


Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation is a mental disorder caused by frequent consumption of the addictive Imperial Night Rose. Regular exposure to the raw Imperium contained within the addictive flower slowly overwhelms the mind's ability to process, especially when confronted with magical fields.


Those afflicted with Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation see things that may or may not exist. Due to frequent exposure to raw Imperium their minds are unable to process all the information received. Sometimes this manifests as imaginary visions, while other times they are actually able to see the intangible magical fields of Fillimet or even creatures on parallel planes bleeding through.   Regardless of the truth of the vision, those with HIO typically react to them in excessive ways. A victim of HIO may attempt to purchase large stretches of lands because of spotting magical fields in the area, or attack a close friend because visions of demons surrounding that friend. Those who suffer from HIO are volatile and erratic, with those around them unable to predict their actions because only the afflicted individual can see many of the things to which they are reacting.


There is no known cure for Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation. The symptoms can be somewhat mitigated by completely avoiding exposure to magic and all its fields and effects, as well as ceasing all consumption and exposure to the Imperial Night Rose. These efforts must be made indefinitely, and have their own debilitating side effects due to the strong addictive nature of the flower.

Affected Groups

Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation is most common among those versed in the magical arts due to the fact that overexposure to the raw Imperium in the Imperial Night Rose is the root cause of the disease. Due to the addictive nature of the Imperial Night Rose, however, and the fact that dependence could occur in anyone who has ever consumed a part of the plant even by accident, Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation could affect any creature.


The only way to ensure safety from the disease is to never consume the Imperial Night Rose in any form. Its highly addictive nature makes any individual's exposure potentially debilitating.

Cultural Reception

Victims of the disease are typically outcasts of society due to the nature of the hallucinations involved. Their visions are typically discarded as false visions, in spite of the possibility that they could indeed be true sights into parallel planes.
Chronic, Acquired

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