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Explorers of StarSea™

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  Explorers of StarSea™ (EOSS) is a world inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Treasure Island, Treasure Planet, and other similar genres. In EOSS, players find adventure exploring uncharted seas filled with unknown islands, hidden mysteries, and challenging foes. Instead of sailing on waters, players sail on seas of void and æther, commanding age-of-sail starships built to withstand the forces of the seas and to challenge the foes found therein.   StarSea is itself divided into 7 seas, from the deep blue of the Azure Sea to the treacherous Raging Sea. As with the early era of exploration of the 7 seas of Earth, these seas remain largely uncharted, and promise wealth and adventure for those with the courage to set sail and discover the unknown.   Each sea has 3 levels that can be explored. On the Open Sea, Mortal explorers will discover and chart floating islands filled with mystery and fascinations. Above, on the High Sea, as near to living stars as one can travel, players navigate powerful storms, and discover Majestic creatures seemingly born out of myth. And below, in the Deep Sea, great treasure guarded by terrible Monsters awaits. Each of these sea levels provides their own challenges and rewards, and each requires specialized vessels and well-earned skill to traverse their unique environs.   Much like Jason and the Argonauts, or Sinbad’s adventures, Explorers of StarSea™ is a fantasy setting. However, that fantasy is placed in a context of elemental alchemy and sigils, the spiritual, abyssal forces of mystica, and the incomprehensible power of futuristic fringe science.  

Welcome to the world of StarSea.

Note that the mythology of the Explorers of StarSea™ setting is still in development, so some setting rules may change.