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The Azure Sea

The First Sea

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Written by Julene Johnson
Cover Image: Original by Pixabay ; Derivative by SapphireSong
The Azure Sea, also known as the First Sea, is the easiest sea to navigate. The name comes from the brilliant blue hue abundant in the aether, though it is by no means the only color of aether found in this sea. This sea is often associated with an image of a Starship, and the concept of navigation. Aether currents are plentiful, solar winds are strong, and the borders of the sea extend farther than any one Mortal has been known to map.
  Like its Guardian Fate, Viatrix, the Azure Sea is relatively calm. This doesn't mean the sea is truly tranquil. Explorers can expect to meet with some wild currents, winds, and occasional storms. It also doesn't prevent the residents of the Azure Sea from creating their own turmoil and stirring up even the calmest aether currents. Additionally, currents and islands shift often, even in the calmest aether. However, in most cases, the movements in the Azure Sea are patterned, and therefore predictable.   Several access points exist between the three levels of the Azure Sea and are not difficult to find. However the upper level - the High Sea - can be treacherous to navigate and the lower level - the Deep Sea - can be far more dangerous. Most often, Mortals keep to the Open Sea and its wide variety of islands, both settled and undiscovered. While explorers may encounter Majestics and Monsters, usually these interactions happen in the level claimed by each of the taxonomic Kingdoms - Majestics in the High Sea, and Monsters in the Deep Sea - or as a passing interaction in the Open Sea.   As it is one of the Alchemic Seas, Alchemists will find their abilities boosted in the Azure Sea. The resources gathered here are more potent and effective in Alchemic reactions. Some postulate that Viatrix's preference for the reproducible experiments characteristic of Alchemy also explains how the shifting currents and islands are largely predictable in the Azure Sea. Mystica and Fringe science are still effective in this sea, even though they won't receive the same boost.   Most explorers begin in the Azure sea, and can spend a life-time discovering it's secrets. However, some, such as Generations, set their hearts on the Seventh Sea and it's legendary wonders and rewards. For such adventurers, there are hidden paths from the Azure Sea to all seven seas. The easiest paths, which will not overwhelm the unprepared swain, lead to the Second Sea, The Emerald Sea.

Geography Type


Features of the Azure Sea

Inumerable adventures and unique experiences await swain who sail the Azure Sea. Below are some examples of what one can hope, or fear, to encounter


Don Raiders

Anchored Islands

Castaway Pitstop
StarSeaker's Ship Yard Archipelago

Flora and Fauna

Giant Azure Crabs
Donatello's Reef

The Seven Seas of StarSea

The Azure Sea
The Emerald Sea
The Topaz Sea
The Halcyon Sea
The Ersatz Sea
The Raging Sea
The Unknown Sea
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Cover image: by Pixabay ; Derivative by SapphireSong


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