Universal Melancholia

That mask wont help you here....


while it is different for all how fast the condition develops, usually the outcome is always death. Many have taken to wearing masks to protect from breathing. This works for a while but any contact with the ichor is sufficient to seal your fate. when entering melancholia, one should cover all skin with nonabsorbent fabrics to prevent infection. The first case of Melancholia was recorded by wood elves who at the time lived in the forests that became The Black March. Hundreds of years ago they noticed the world's ailments and sought to record them. Since then not much progress has been made for its too dangerous.


  Melancholia begins as a decay that affects everything. The air becomes stale, the trees appear diseased and a thick fog rolls in. Melancholia is known for its drowning out of color rendering the world in black and white as you near the center of the affected area. Those who enter and survive report feelings of confusion, extreme sadness, desire to give up, and thoughts of suicide. Victims also report hallucinations, particularly when close to a strange black ichor, which seems alive. the creatures that emerge from the fog are the worst part. What once were animals or people often come back as monsters with the same sickness and decay dripping from them.


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