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The Qasceine

Merfolk under the ice

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  The Qasceine are polar merfolk that live in the underwater city of Qasceile, which is the largest merfolk city on all of Etrea. Qasceile lies deep under the northern sheet of ice known as the Expanse, surrounded by miles of cold dark seawater. The Qasceine are descended from the Kanai, an offshoot that settled over a thousand years ago after a particularly difficult migration. Being polar merfolk, the Qasceine are on average around thirty feet in length.   Each person born into Qasceile is guaranteed a place to live and a daily ration of food. Money is used for all other goods and services. Air, for example, is brought down by specially designated workers, who travel several times a day up to the surface to fill bags made of whale skin.   Children keep starlight shrimp as pets; it is seen as an eccentric hobby for adults.

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