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The Jasperic Isles

A tropical archipelago

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  Though not exactly a continent in the geological sense, the Jasperic Isles are considered to be their own continent by the majority of Etrea. This is due to a large and deep underwater trench that separates the Isles from the continent of Aenica. Apart from the trench, the waters around the islands are rather shallow, with the deepest parts measuring at only around one hundred metres. The Isles have a tropical climate and are blessed by warm, nutrient-rich currents for most of the year.   The archipelago was formed by a chain of underwater volcanoes. Though many of these now lie dormant, there are several to the south of the Isles that are still active. Infrequent but violent eruptions mean that new islands are still actively being born.   As an archipelago with over two hundred individual islands, many of these are not permanently inhabited, though the Isles boast rich and diverse cultures from each of the four sapient species. About thirty percent of the non-merfolk peoples of the Isles are nomadic seafarers. Some settle for a time on an island before moving on, giving resources time to regenerate. Others rarely step foot on land, and do so only out of necessity.

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