The Five Lords

Worship of the elements

Worship of the Five Lords is the primary religion in the Caian countries of Kaien and Serukis. Though the religion in Serukis has evolved a little from its Kaienese roots in the more than one thousand years the country has been colonised, the majority of rituals, festivals, and mythology remain the same.   The one major difference between the two countries is that, in Kaien, each of the five Lords are worshipped equally by everyone. In Serukis, it is not uncommon to choose a patron Lord to worship above the others, especially amongst the nobility. This means that in Kaien it is common for temples to be dedicated to more than one Lord, whereas in Serukis separate temples are much more commonplace.   There are five gods - or Lords - in the pantheon, and each represents one of what Kaien and Serukis consider the major elements: air, earth, fire, ice, and water. Each element also represents different strengths and virtues, and also holds sway over different domains, such as fertility or battle.

The Lords

Thayer, the Lord of Air

Faolan, the Lord of Earth


Elian, the Lord of Fire

Trestan, the Lord of Ice

Nereus, the Lord of Water


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