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The Fractured Lands

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  Caia, also known as 'the fractured lands' or 'the shattered continent', is the second largest continent on Etrea. It contains a population of about a quarter of a billion people. It consists of a number of distinct land masses, and scholars generally believe a catastrophic meteor impact, followed by devastating earthquakes, contributed to its breaking apart. The believed meteor impact site is a large uncannily circular hole in the sea in the northern half of Caia, known as the Circle.
  The north of Caia extends up into the polar north of the planet, whilst the southern tip extends a little past the equator. This means that Caia has a wide range of climates, the weather varying wildly across the continent. At the north of the continent, some of the seas remain frozen for part of the year, allowing easier travel between islands.
  A large mountain range known as the Teeth snakes across the middle of the continent and, despite being shorter than Aenica's Great Northern Spine, it contains the three tallest mountains in Etrea.

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