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The Drifter's Claim

The Drifter's Claim is a post that circulates the corners of the Aethernet, especially among Net Witches. It tells of a way back to Saumai, which has become a ghost world over the course of the Melancholic Lacuna


No matter how many people tell you just how bad Saumai is, you'll never fully believe it. The world around us is messed up, sure, but how can a planet so dysfunctional and broken continue to live? It isn't really living, I suppose—the dead outnumber the living, and the mad outnumber the sane... but my point is that is just sounds like a ghost story, doesn't it?

It is. Saumai is haunted. Lay in bed and close your eyes and you'll hear it screaming through the doors in a whisper. You'll feel the slow, arrythmic thud of a broken heart heating a somber rhythm through the earth. The world is a grave and the dead turn within.

Do not go to this world. No treasure can be with the vivisection of your spirit. I was there for three days, and my grip on reality seems to wane by the moment. Days pass without my notice, more remembered than participated in. I cannot look anywhere without seeing the dead in the corner of my eye—are these the ghosts which haunt all places, or are they just fearful memories of what I expereinced. I cannot know.

I have consulted an Auric, yes. Most claim to not see these spirits, but every now and then one will take pause, or some magical sensor will go off... just enough to keep me wondering if Saumai shifted me just a little closer to the veil, a little closer to being able to peer through it and see layers beyond.

I fear that one of these days, something will reach out to me from this dark, and will pull me into it, will pull me along to places and madnesses within my own mind, consumed by demons of my own creation.

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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