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The Wayhall is toovast to answer to a single authority. Law barely reaches beyond the stations at the Waygaates.

Beyond their gaze, the Marauder gangs thrive, lurking and waiting for small caravans to attack and pillage. For every vessel traveling through the hall, an escort and some big guns are a necessity.

Marauders are dangerous to smaller vessels, but larger fleets are able to shrug them off through overwhelming force.

An assortment of Marauder medallions recovered from ships.


Marauders run in gangs ranging from the dozens to the thousands. Their names are legion, and they spend more time warring over turf than they do hunting for targets. Lawless and with few scruples, they rarely remain cohesive for long.


Large Marauder gangs make their bases by encasing a central ship in an armored maze of other ships. A direct attack against these drifting fortresses takes a massive effort, and if you attempt to board them you're likely to get lost in a booby-trapped labyrinthe through the many ships.

Black Markets

Marauders are as opportunistic with selling as they are with acquiring, and rumors abound that powerful figures of all stripes and Banners rely on Marauder gangs to do some dirty work off the books.

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