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Lysjho Goldmane

Decorated in muscle, tight of hip, and wide of shoulder, Lysjho cut the silhouette of someone who very much belonged aboard the expedition—an appearance at war with his manner and fashion. He had arrived dressed in fineries textile, hologrammic, and affectative alike—moving like a dancers interpretation of a warrior and talking like the prevailing interpretation of a bon vivante.

"Allarah Esren, you are highly spoken of." Lyjho invited himself into the conversation with a sweep of a hand to cut the tension and to part just a little more space for himsef. "An anthropologist such as yourself might just be the key to cracking the code of Saumai once and for all. It's an honor to be here."

"Kind flattery," Allarah said, voice leaping into a graceful rhythm the rest of her entourage rarely heard. "Few folks know of me at all."

"And those who do are worth knowing," Lysjho said with a tilted smile and a knowing wink. "People like me hear things, Allarah, and I've heard of you."

Lysjho Goldmane is the expedition's diplomat. Laemon helped Allarah to source him, under the stipulation that some of the wealth of the expedition goes to Hedon should the expedition be completed. It is later revealed that he is a Hedonite Count, and dreams of becoming the Marquis of Saumai if the expedition manages to sieze the world's rights.

Lysjho's primary arc is to fall in love with the Seventh Crow. While he is comparitively ill-suited to protecting Crow against the many dangers they face, he is well suited for navigating the tapestry of beliefs and minds within the crew, and protects Crow from them when needed.

Lysjho has the ear of many aboard. He does not wish to lead, but if he were to ever speak against Allarah he might divide the crew in doing so.


Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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