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Gikerus' Amberchrys Heart

Peering into the crevasse of Gikerus now-ruined torso, you realize that the space within his ribcage was left largely untouched by the amberchrys, and so forms a hollow. Wrapped up in a thick drip of Amberchrys that had punched in through the top of his torso, his heart is encased.

You may make a check to attempt to pull the heart from the body. You realize that if you are too weak, you wont be able to break the crystal, and if you have no finesse, you might damage it in the attempt.

ScrawnyCan't bend a straw
Able-BodiedLimp wristed
CapableSpoon Bender
AthleticFirm Handshake

If you have the strength for it (4 or higher) and can succeed on a Rend check of 8, you may extricate Gikerus's Heart chest. Given the fragile nature of the elements at hand, however, you risk destroying the heart if you fail.

If you're playing the Yak'koli Questline, use your Character's, stats and a deck of cards, otherwise estimate your bonuses from the description to the left and resolve it with either a die or with cards.



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