Ethnis Eats, Season 1, Chapter 8

The situation grows worse, the party is forced to flee to the outskirts of the city as the city of Francisco begins to fall into Chaos. Network connections out of the city are cut, and Dancer begins working on a solution.   Dartesi is almost lost to the disease, when Anton figures a partial cure. They craft Dartesi a pizza that suppresses the illness. Dartesi helps finish the cure but they have no time to make a sample. They begin assisting the fans they have with them so they can join in the final stand. During the creation of the cure, the party is attacked by the Black Ops pair, whom they have to fend off using their wits and Dancers abilities. Dartesi is losing his mind from hunger still and is dipping into ferality.   With a cure they can produce, they begin to gather people and supplies to take back the city in with a massive feast.
  "Fthill not enugh," Dartesi growled around a fistful and a faceful of taco that had become one in the same.


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