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Speckled Tree Frog

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The speckled tree frog is a large amphibian native to the megaforests. Towering over most sapient species, these frogs live in the megaflora of their home biome.

Basic Information


The speckled tree frog has a bright blue back, with a green head, orange legs, and red feet. Often, it has dark blue, black, or dark green spots on its back, and it often has a red stripe from below its front legs to its back legs. This bright colouration is the species' form of aposematism, warning predators of its toxicity. Its eyes are black and round, bulging out of the top of the frog's head. Their eyes have a wavy circle surrounding their pupil that could be described as an iris, with colouration ranging from blues to pinks and purples. Its webbed feet allow the frog both to swim and to climb on the trees where it spends most of its lives.

Genetics and Reproduction

The speckled tree frog lays its eggs on the underside of leaves, above bodies of water. When the eggs hatch, the tadpoles fall into the water, safe and with a new home. Leaving the eggs in the leaves above the water, rather than in the water, reduces the chance they will be found and eaten by aquatic predators. To defend agains arboreal predators, the eggs will occasionally hatch early, if they experience extreme changes in their environment. If not, however, it does not tend to last long.

Ecology and Habitats

The speckled tree frog lives in damp, warm, forested climates. Due to its size, the tree frog does not fare well outside of the megaforests, and so often is not found elsewhere. However, within its habitat, it can be found nearly anywhere that has a body of water. Occasionally, though, one will wander too far out of the megaforests, ending up in a pond or river far too small for it. If it is found, it can be returned to its natural habitats.
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Average Height
2-3 ft.
Geographic Distribution

Toxins of the Tree Frog

The speckled tree frog is toxit to anything that tries to eat it - it excretes an oily liquid that, in most organisms, causes intense shivering, heavy sweating, and pounding headaches. In high doses, it is fatal.


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