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Arctic Cucumber

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The arctic cucumber is a plant species that can be found in the ice caps of Etharai. It is eaten as a source of food by the cyan-tailed moth, which warrant some protection in the form of roofs and spikes to deter them from eating from the norrith's farms.


Arctic cucumbers are perennial plants, surviving year-round and regrowing every winter, unlike their cousins growing in temperate climates. The species thrives in the cold, intentionally secreting excess water to coat itself in ice to prevent it from being eaten by unwanted species. The plant is tailor-made to be eaten by the cyan-tailed moth, which is also responsible for perpetuating the plant's reproductive cycle. Arctic cucumbers sprout long fruits with a crunchier outside but a watery interior. These fruits taste cool and mild, with the tiniest bit of sweetness to them. They can be cooked, made into bread, used as a side for other meals, and much more.

Ecology & Habitat

The arctic cucumber is best suited for survival in the cold temperatures of the northern ice caps, and does not do well in warmth. It requires the year-round cold temperatures that its native habitats provide, and cultivation outside of this habitat has proven fruitless.
Geographic Distribution

Farmyard Pests

Though the cyan-tailed moth and the arctic cucumber evolved in tandem, the former poses an annoyance to norrith farmers attemptint to cultivate the latter. The moth is known to chew through protective mesh to get to their prize, and has even managed to get through the air ducts of otherwise secure buildings from the mere scent of the species. A norrith attempting to farm arctic cucumber ultimately must resign themself to the fact that they will never be able to harvest the full capacity of their fields, and that some will be lost to the moths.

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