Welcome to Estya, a world torn with war and where a danger may lurk in any shadow. It's inhabitants have grown strong and resilient, and their powerful magic have gifted them with new ways of dishing out life and death.   The World Codex is expansive, covering every detail of Estya and its inhabitants both recorded and beyond history. If you get lost, or aren't sure where to start, come back to this page and pick up where you left off. This secondary codex is sorted by the order in which pages should be read. You are, of course, free to deviate and persue whatever catches your eye.   As noted on the front page, Estya contains mature themes and content that may not be suitable for anyone under 18. This includes descriptions and details of violence, gore, sexuality, torture, and others. Reader discretion is advised.   If you're still here, you may notice different banners with different backgrounds and colors at the top of each page. Similar articles have the same banners, and all codexes (much like this page) will feature this banner:  
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Alex "KeyboardSmash" has been building worlds with World Anvil since 2019, with Estya being their primary project for well over a decade.

They are a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Dungeon Master of 6 years, and is currently developing a second world alongside Estya: the Islands of Cona, for their players to explore in their next campaign.

The Codex

Start from the left, under General and continue down. Some categories have been broken up into different sections based on the level of the concept (basics, advanced, additional reading).


About Estya
About Estyans
About Time & Calendars


Just want the basics? See Magic Abridged
Introduction to Magic
Blood Numbers
Types of Magic


Additional Reading

View the Estyan Calendar
Codex by Category
Complete Codex on Magic


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