The Shears of Agattan

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The Shears of Agattan are allegedly an artifact from before the Oldfront Empire, it is alleged that members of early Arcanum Noctus used the shears to make small precise ventures into The Beyond
Warden O. B. Davies
The Shears of Agattan are a pair of ancient shears that seem to have some direct connection to The Beyond. First found by Caralyn Black during the beginning of the 1700s, the shears are believed to be able to cut anything, regardless of substance and material. There are several reports of objects that have been cut with the shears, however within Arcanum Noctus, the reports mostly contain the information regarding the origins of the shears as have been postulated by scholars and academics throughout the years.   Along with theorised origins, the other primary sources of information about the Shears of Agattan are related to its theft in 1826 CY. While little information was found to identify the perpetrator of the crime, the events that led up to the theft and the actual elements of the heist have been precisely documented. As a result, we can lay out an accurate timeline of events, yet those who achieved the theft of the artifacts still remain at large.   While the current whereabouts of The Shears remains unknown , however there are still some reports that indicate it remains within the coasts of Stanos. Some historigans claim that there heavy indications that it even remains in Farrow. While these theories remain obsevered by archivists of Arcanum, there still remains doubt around the validity of such claims and particularly how hundreds of Collectives were unsuccessful at finding such an item.
Type of Item
Scissors   Significance
Ancient Artifact
Cultural   Created by
Unknown   Date of Creation
Wild Years (pre-0 CY)   Discovered by
Caralyn Black   Date of Discovery
1705 CY   Thief
Unknown (Presumed by a member of the P.O.I)   Date of Theft
1826 CY   Material
Steel and Leather


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