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The chilling first contact announcement from the Dread Sleeper condemned the Eldrith Imperium and its masters as insignificant next to its ancient cosmic power. It described visions of creeping chaos and madness seeping into the galaxy as the entity awakened.   The proclamation suggested the Imperium was doomed to be destroyed after a period of 100 cycles. This pronouncement of impending annihilation shook Imperium worlds, leading many planets to descend into despair.

The Eldrith Imperium

The Eldrith Imperium controlled much of the southern territories through a pact with the ancient horrors known as the Abyssal Masters. The Imperium expanded through conquest and dark rituals, harvesting souls to sacrifice in order to open portals to the Abyssal Dimensions.
The Dread Sleeper

The Dread Sleeper refers to an ancient eldritch cosmic entity that was first discovered 198 years ago by the Eldrith Imperium. Prior to this, the Dread Sleeper was unknown, slumbering for eons in the Sunken Realms behind the Veil of Aeons. It is believed to predate the current universe.
News of the Dread Sleeper's proclamation reached the Imperial throneworld within days. In the Grand Cathedral of Despair, the Council of Overlords convened to address the dire tidings.   The High Imperator calmed the panicked nobles, commanding faith in the Abyssal Masters who granted them power. He dispatched the Night Guard legions to suppress any heretical uprisings and ordered a tenfold increase in soul harvest quotas.   "We will nourish the gods with sacrifice and be shielded from this so-called Sleeper!" the Imperator proclaimed. But behind closed doors, even he desperately sought answers from the Elder Prophets.   One truth is clear to all who heard the maddening transmissions echo through the warp - doom has come to Eldrispace.


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