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The art of thronemaking in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe is not what it was in the early days of the House of Thrones, when visitors to The Game Room were required not only to carry their seats of power but to have built them too, but it is still a craft practiced by the queens of Onterey and a few others.


It Begins With Good Wood

As the first throne-makers knew all too well, building a throne that will stand the test of time begins with the selection of a tree that’s wood will be up to the task. While the queens of Onterey craft their thrones exclusively with wood culled from their famous orange trees, any wood fed by the waters of The River Without End will do.


Then You Need a Blade Like a Bryan Adams Song

Wood infused with water that has been known to unstick people in time is not a material that is easily cut or transformed. Building a throne from wood born of the River Without End requires a blade and other tools that were themselves quench-hardened by the same waters. Only then is the builder able to shape the wood as they desire. Only then are they able to cut it like a knife.


And the best place to build a throne is…

As members of the House of Thrones long ago discovered, the best place in the universe for throne-making is the building where the House and its game room reside: The Strumpet’s Sister. With easy access to the River Without End and the Veil of the World, a future leader is well positioned to make quick work of the task. Some have even taken to dipping their otherwise-finished thrones into churning river as a final step in the process, with the leg they keep gripped in their hand jokingly referred to as the Achilles heel of the chair.

The House of Thrones
Access & Availability
Theoretically limited, though anyone could conceivably figure it out
If you can make a chair, you can probably do this. So Mel Gibson’s character from The Patriot is screwed, but any decent carpenter should be able to figure it out.
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