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The Line of Disgusting

The Line of Disgusting is a landmark in Paradise City which separates The Dirty Burg from the neighborhoods which surround it. The 2.5 mile line is a red-bricked path which circles the perimeter of The Burg, and is believed to have been laid down during The First Age to demarcate where the “kinkiest” of kinks could be found in town.

Purpose / Function

The Line serves a dual purpose for visitors to Paradise City. It is seen as both a warning and an invitation. To travel past the line is seen as a willingness to leave the last vestiges of propriety behind, and to cast aside any notions of judging the actions of others. Within the circle the line creates, no action is off-limits. Absolutely anything is allowed. Frighteningly to some, the mere act of crossing the line is seen as the granting of absolute consent.


Gold markers are laid out along the path at 20' intervals which spell this out exactly, just so no one is confused.


Come in if you wish, say the citizens of The Dirty Burg, but by coming in here you are saying that you’re up for whatever. Like, literally whatever.


The path is four bricks wide at all spots, with a block of two side-by-side red bricks bordered on either side by a single gray brick. This is to make sure that the path is obvious even in places where it crosses a field of identical red bricks on the border between The Burg and Tooltown.


Though early records of the area have been lost to history—or are still locked away in the vaults of The First Imperial Bank of Oz—Paradisian tradition holds that the most misunderstood businesses and people in the otherwise tolerant and free-spirited city began to coalesce in The Dirty Burg very early in The First Age. The legends say that it was The Burg’s own residents who decided to lay down The Line, in an effort to further protect their way of life.


During subsequent Interregnums, the City Council and the Village Idiot have asked certain shops and citizens to move themselves into The Burg to prevent outcry elsewhere in the city. But this is almost never seen as mark of dishonor. No. Instead, to be deemed too dirty for the rest of Paradise City is usually seen as a feather in the cap of the person or organization in question.

Founding Date
First Age
Parent Location


Author's Notes

The title of this article was inspired by a phrase uttered on Writer Greg’s Twitch Stream on December 3, 2021.

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