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Steward of Nova Meskera


The Stewards of Nova Meskera are sacred guardians, tasked with the protection and preservation of the ancient city of the Bekiskapan—a people not seen in Eden since The First Age.


The Edenian Council of Five, operating under the assumption that one day the Bekiskapan will return, commissions only the best and the brightest for the position. There can be no mistakes, no room for error. Considering all the Bekiskapan did to develop Eden in its early days, there is no job more sacred in all the world than that of the steward.



A background in history and/or archaeology is strongly preferred, and the ability to wield a weapon is a must. Physical fitness is key, as there are a lot of steps in Nova Meskera, and not a lot of elevators. And, oh yeah, a cutting wit wouldn’t hurt, for those times when all the tour guides call out sick and the tourists need to be entertained.


Essentially, the Council is looking for the next generation of Indiana Joneses and Lara Crofts. They want people who believe wholeheartedly that history must be preserved for future generations, who aren’t afraid to get into a fistfight to defend their ideals, and who are more than comfortable cracking a joke while they’re socking a ne’er-do-well on the jaw.


But, though the Council claims vociferously that they do not privilege certain species over others during the hiring process, it is important to note that more halflings have served as stewards than any other sapient people. Most Edenians understand this bias, given that the goddesses themselves have dubbed the halflings the official custodians of Eden, but some do see it as a cause for concern.



Stewards are responsible for patrolling the perimeter of the city to make sure no unauthorized visits are made. They are tasked with directing all traffic—tourists, pilgrims, etc.—to the front gate for processing. And once inside the city itself, they are deputized to take any and all necessary actions to prevent vandalism or accidental destruction of property.


Has a steward ever cracked a whip in the general direction of someone leaning against a fragile pillar? Yep. Yep, they have. And they won’t apologize for it either.


Where a steward is positioned—inside the city, just outside the gates, or out on the periphery—is not determined by seniority. All stewards are expected to rotate through the various positions without complaint, the belief being that no one position is more important than the other.



Beyond the generous compensation and benefits package they receive the day they are hired, stewards are afforded the opportunity to lodge inside the city itself when they are not on duty. This is a huge perk for these folks, many of whom have been studying Bekiskapan culture since they were old enough to read, and it’s the reason so many apply for the position each time a slot opens up. The city is majestic, built in a style reminiscent of the ancient Greeks of Earth—and built to last. To sleep where the magnificent people who built it once slept—that is considered an honor above all others.

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Dec 25, 2022 01:07 by Chris L

I like how the Bekiskapans have become so important to your worldbuilding! Weren't they a bit of a throwaway concept at first?

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Dec 25, 2022 01:16 by E. Christopher Clark

Totally! They were meant to kinda just be a joke, me having a bit of fun with explaining how/why chainmail bikinis could be a thing. But they've become too much fun to stop writing!

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