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Scarecrows are a form of artificial life in the land of Eden. The accidental byproduct of a Munchkin ritual for keeping vampires away—a ritual which involves the bloodletting of children—scarecrows are wise but naïve, typically kind but also easily manipulated.


Each capital-S Scarecrow is the result of repeated visits by a single vampire to single mundane scarecrow which has been “bloodied” by a Munchkin farmer. The bond between vampire and scarecrow, strengthened with each visit, eventually brings the Scarecrow to life.


But while one might think this bond between vampire and Scarecrow—between creator and creation—would lead to an undying devotion, that is rarely the case. Scarecrows, in addition to being wise, are incredibly self-centered and self-indulgent—at least in their early years. Many of them become increasingly hedonistic as they grow older, engaging in the pursuit of pleasure above all else—believing, as did the children who’s blood helped to give them life, that there is little point to existence beyond continued happiness and perpetual self-satisfaction.

Basic Information


Scarecrows are four-limbed bipeds which ambulate on two legs. Their bodies are more flexible than the halflings who built them and hauled them out into the fields, and typically much taller—usually about the height of a human being. Originally meant to discourage birds from feeding on crops, the halflings designed them to be monstrously big.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sadly for them, Scarecrows cannot create other Scarecrows.

Dietary Needs and Habits

None. Scarecrows don’t have stomachs. They don’t have digestive tracts. And they have no way to eliminate waste.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Scarecrows are possessed of the same five senses as the people who built them in the first place. However, in addition to sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, Scarecrows are possessed of a sixth sense which alerts them to danger nearby. This sense is particularly attuned to the presence of fire, which is the only thing that can truly kill a Scarecrow for good.

Theoretically Immortal
Average Height
5' 7"–6' 1"
Geographic Distribution
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