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Pan’s Dagger

Pan’s Dagger is the preferred weapon of Peter Pan, the ageless national hero of Neverland. During the Second Age of Eden, it was occasionally borrowed by Daisy Rampion and her descendants for use in defending the seven kingdoms of the Edenian South—later known as Wonderland.



The dagger is one-handed melee weapon with a bulbous wooden handle, a sharp steel blade, and a gold crossguard and pommel. Because its primary owner is incurably forgetful, the dagger often looks incredibly shabby. And yet, because of its supernatural abilities (about which you can read more below), looks can be quite deceiving.



Pan’s Dagger bestows supernaturally good luck upon its wielder, so long as they are pure of heart. Every action taken with the dagger is twice as likely to be successful as it would be if the blade were mundane in nature.



Prolonged use of the blade makes most wielders overconfident in battle, even when they’re wielding other weapons.



If someone with evil intent attempts to use the blade, it will reverse their fortunes with the same ferocity as it rewards the kind-hearted. Any attempt to use Pan’s Dagger for nefarious purposes will be twice as unlikely to succeed. This includes any attempt at murder, even by those who are otherwise pure-hearted and simply seeking to protect the world from a villain’s violence.


Peter Pan understood this well, which is why he never attempted to kill Captain Hook—only to stop him for the time-being.

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Item type
Weapon, Melee


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Feb 15, 2024 11:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo, this one is fun. I love the note about murder.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Feb 15, 2024 11:43 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks! Yes, I felt like if it's Peter Pan's weapon, it shouldn't be used for killing. And that's what's been fun about using Janet's formula for these: I'm coming up with unique limitations that I maybe would've forgotten to include otherwise.

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Feb 15, 2024 14:03 by Chris L

Proof that Pan is actually a good boy and not an evil monster (in your world)!

For your consideration, my submissions for the WorldAnvil Worldbuilding Awards 2024. (I've also included some of my favorites other worldbuilders.)

Feb 15, 2024 15:43 by E. Christopher Clark

Exactly, yes! He's meant to be very good, if a bit forgetful and a VERY mischievous.

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