Honeybear | E. Christopher Clark


Honeybears were a popular line of stuffed animals in the early 1900s of the Earth-666 iteration of reality. Inspired by the work of American and German toymakers on the so-called Teddy bear, these plush toys came in all shapes and sizes.


There were bears, of course, but there were also foxes, raccoons, koalas, and cats. And while most Honeybears lived out their artificial lives as naught but the playthings of children, one of them—a robust fellow who survived the calamitous end of the universe and arrived in Eden intact—went out to become a fixture of Wonderlandian society: the Cheshire Cat.


You can read a bit of his backstory in The Blood of Seven Queens: Prologue.

Item type
13.6 oz
20" x 8" x 15"


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